The Go Giver- Success Stories

3 thoughts on “The Go Giver- Success Stories”

  1. Hi Mark — Thanks for this wonderful little review! I do want to make one teeny amendment: in the first law, you left out two words, which although a small omission actually makes a very big difference: Your true worth is determined by how more you give IN VALUE than you take in payment.

    Without “in value,” it might seem we are saying, “how much more you [in money] than you take in payment” — which is far, far from what we mean!

    Again, thanks so much for the kind words. It’s an honor to be cited in the fascinating context of the study of creating great and memorable branding. (You’re the first person I know of who has related The Go-Giver to the world of the pharmaceutical rep: I love it!)

    Hope you also enjoy our recent follow-up book, Go-Givers Sell More!

  2. Hi John_ thanks for pointing out the omission in the first law. Its been amended. Luckily for me, the meaning I took was far from cash value.

    I have your second book on order and look forward to reading it. I just wanted to thank you now I have the opportunity in person, for writing a great book. There are times when things connect and this book was a “missing key” to unlock a new vision for me.

    The pharmaceutical industry is wrestling with all the issues you illustrate in your writing but it goes way beyond reps (I was one for a few years and it does apply!) . From the core of science- why and more importantly how and with whom we create medicine (I used to do this as well in the lab and it applies) to my current role which is about how to create brands that have meaning beyond the packaging.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on this site and I hope we have the opportunity to discuss some more.

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