Deep Branding

2 thoughts on “Deep Branding”

  1. Fabulous insight. Deep Branding reaches the parts that Focus Groups cannot reach. The so-called DNA of a brand and its category.

    For example, the cultural source code for the Alcohol category in the US is ‘Prohibition’ but in the UK it is ‘Inhibition’. Armed with this insight, the on-code story-telling metaphor makes a first and lasting impression – Deep Branding!

    ‘Brand’ the Marketect

  2. Alan,Thanks for the comments. Wether your branding a n product service or country you need to cut through the clutter. The age of fancy copy in advertising is dead. Todays mantra is connect with your consumer on a deep an meaningful way and communicat it to him in a simple way that feels natural, empathetic leaving everyone feeling authentic. Storytelling is my key to that world.

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