Demonstrating the Simplicity of Storytelling

Lev Kuleshov edited a montage of pictures together to tell three different stories.

The Russian  was praised for his film and the actor for the way he was able to express different emotions. What the audience  didn’t know was that the actor was only filmed once and his picture was repeated but edited before and after a bowl of soup, a child in a coffin and a reclining lady. The audience created stories in their minds that made them think the first segment demonstrated his hunger and longing for food. The second with the actor expressing sadness at the loss of a child and the third lust and seduction. However each shot of the actor was exactly the same. This is known as the Kuleshov effect.

Once again this shows the power of the mind to create a story to make sense of its surroundings. Your brain is happier to believe there are connections between the things that it sees. This is a vital insight for your brand experience. If you do not control the story, your audience will find their own and maybe it’s not the story you want to tell.

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3 responses to “Demonstrating the Simplicity of Storytelling

  1. Thank you for sharing this as I was completely unaware of the Kuleshov effect, and yet, I was making up little stories for each segment as I watched the clip. It’s so true that if you prime two people with different media and then ask them to comment on their thoughts on the same media, you will get two different responses. This was quite interesting and something to definitely take into consideration.

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