A Tale of Two Pharma Brand Stories

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Pharma Brand Stories”

  1. Interesting post Mark. Especially when you say “the most important point is that the customer should complete the story for themselves.” Much of what you say applies to my own field of work, as a mediator. I try and frame the dispute/issues in such a way that the parties involved can take ownership of the final decision – e.g., on how they want to resolve the dispute (thus completing the story!).

  2. Ben. Thanks for the comments. It nice to see that this connects across to your business as well. Do you see similar story traits in negotiation. Can one side need the other side to fulfil an unmet need and the otherside offering is readily accepted? Inside that are there groups whos argument to the group with the need either over complicated or so far of track that the potential agreement isnt met. In the Conflict group do you see practices where people skilfully bring the other side to thier world by fueling a conflict that only (or they are the best able) to resolve for the other party.

    Interested to see where this thought also applies. I’m attending a Negotiation Skills course next year for the company I work for so your points are really welcomed.

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