Deep Branding

Deep DiverDeep Branding requires deep storytelling but how do we get there? Many of the previous post have focused on aspects of storytelling and it connection to customer attitudes and behaviours. Brand architects search for the best way to connect their brand with the intended audience. Sometimes this happens by chance, market fads often gain success by unsuspectingly hitting the right note with an audience willing to listen. Other times it’s the result of refined brand positioning and careful deployment of the right brand communication.

Branding has focused on positioning, differentiation; Hierarchy of needs, insights and metaphors as singular ways to better understand the customer and create meaningful brands. Each approach has is pros and cons and has led to the creation of many great brands. I’m proposing that they are interrelated and the best way to create impactful brands is through Deep Storytelling.

Deep Storytelling

We know that stories connect to customers and enable brands to take on meaning in people lives but the relationship between these stories and or actions has remains unclear and unreachable to the average marketer. The process flow below outlines for the first time I think a clear visual relationship between surface actions we display and the deep seated drivers of those behaviours. In essence it outlines why we buy what we buy. A great understanding of this allows you to create great brands that have meaning to customers and create brand equity and company value.

To really create a brand with meaning you have to understand what drives the current behaviour of you market place. What the attitudes that drive decisions? Getting answers to this type of question has enabled companies generated an industry of market research companies but it’s not enough you need to go deeper. At the next stage you can separate the rational right brain drivers from the emotional left brain drivers. To persuade customers to change behaviours we know we need to explain our brands on both these levels but how has been an elusive question. Insights that connect both rational and emotional drivers have helped brands connect at a more fundamental level. Bt this is still quite surface level to really creating a meaningful brand. Zaltman has produced brilliant work that show the metaphors are the best way to really understand the relationship between attitudes and behaviours and how they cascade in Maslow’s’ hierarchy of needs.

By going deeper into the metaphors as Zaltman explains in his Marketing Metaphoria brands can tap into the deepest insights of customer behaviour and by coupling this with archetypes we can engage and motivate customers with the two most powerful human communication channels we posses.

I have struggled over the last few years of how to connect all these techniques to understand my customers and communicate effectively and in a meaningful way and I think I have finally connected all the pieces together into the road map above. I hope this helps you to connect the powerful ability of storytelling to engage customers and build a  fan base for your brand as well as a way to uncover those stories.

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2 responses to “Deep Branding

  1. Fabulous insight. Deep Branding reaches the parts that Focus Groups cannot reach. The so-called DNA of a brand and its category.

    For example, the cultural source code for the Alcohol category in the US is ‘Prohibition’ but in the UK it is ‘Inhibition’. Armed with this insight, the on-code story-telling metaphor makes a first and lasting impression – Deep Branding!

    ‘Brand’ the Marketect

  2. Alan,Thanks for the comments. Wether your branding a n product service or country you need to cut through the clutter. The age of fancy copy in advertising is dead. Todays mantra is connect with your consumer on a deep an meaningful way and communicat it to him in a simple way that feels natural, empathetic leaving everyone feeling authentic. Storytelling is my key to that world.

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